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Pearland, Manvel & Clear Lake Commercial Landscaping

While the Pearland, Manvel and Clear Lake areas were once rural farmland, today they are thriving Houston enclaves. Recognized for relaxed spaces not far from the city, these three communities are great places to live and work.

Homeowner associations and property managers in these three communities, keep your green spaces beautiful and prosperous year round with assistance from New Leaf Landscaping & Services. We are a veteran landscape maintenance company specializing in landscapes, hardscapes and light construction in the southern Houston region. Our capabilities include:

  • Providing accurate and in-depth consultations tailored to the specific needs of historic and large-lot properties.
  • Being involved with every step of the landscape design & development process.
  • Staying dedicated to ongoing residential landscape maintenance.
  • Providing landscape lighting services to homes while keeping in mind safety and visual appeal.
  • Carrying out inspections as part of our residential irrigation installation process.
  • Specializing in tree care for historic homes.
  • Installing LED recessed lighting for residential properties.
  • Satisfying whatever general construction needs arise during the landscaping process.

Pearland/Manvel/Clear Lake Landscaping

Pearland, Manvel and Clear Lake have many types of homes and businesses, each with special landscaping needs. New Leaf’s mission is to provide client-tailored landscape design and maintenance services at an affordable price point. We will work with you and your team to develop a green space care program that will bring exceptional value to your property. Our services are ideal for:

  • Single-family HOAs
  • Multi-family HOAs
  • Apartments
  • Business centers
  • Hospitals

At New Leaf, we limit our services to the greater Houston area to better serve clients. Focusing on a specific region enables us to respond quickly to customer requests.

When teaming up with us, you will receive attentive service from knowledgeable, qualified crews. They handle properties of all sizes, shapes, and complexities. We are on call around the clock for emergency response or to discuss future projects. Additional benefits of working with us include:


  • Attentive project managers
  • Skilled employees
  • Industry-leading equipment
  • Quick response times
  • Hassle-free billing
  • Licensed and insured
  • Customer-focused approach
Pearland/Clear Lake Landscaping Services

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Take your Pearland, Manvel and Clear Lake residential or business green spaces to the next level with New Leaf. We’re here for you.

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