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Houston, TX Hotel Landscaping Services 

It’s always important to leave a good first impression and for hotel owners, this means having a well-maintained exterior so guests can feel comfortable about their stay before even entering the lobby. Hotel landscaping is a key part of ensuring a positive experience for visitors and keeping properties beautiful. Turn your hotel’s green spaces into amenities with high-quality landscaping from New Leaf Landscaping & Services.

We are a complete landscape services provider dedicated to creating beautiful, maintainable landscapes that will look great for years to come. Our team has decades of experience partnering with hotel property managers to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Since hotel grounds must be regularly maintained, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are vital to the property’s success. We can plant and maintain resilient greenery to avoid headaches and install outdoor walkways, lighting, and signage to improve visibility and safety. We serve all kinds of hotels around the city of Houston. 

At New Leaf, we have a customer-focused approach. When partnering with us for your hotel landscaping needs, you will receive attentive service from knowledgeable, qualified crews. 


Managers are on call around the clock for emergency response or to discuss future projects.

We are a fully insured and certified landscape services company with licenses from the Texas Department of Agriculture for pest control and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for irrigation. Materials and products for lawn care and maintenance are selected for their effectiveness and environmental safety.

 Merging sustainable practices and quality service with vast experience, New Leaf is well positioned to provide hotels in Houston and its surrounding communities with the very best in landscape design and maintenance.

How we do it

Headquartered in Houston, we offer a range of landscaping and construction services that can improve your rental property and its common spaces. They include:


  • Consultations
  • Landscape design & development
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Landscape lighting
  • Irrigation installation & inspections
  • Tree care
  • Home LED recessed lighting
  • General construction
  • Commercial Landscaping
Apartment Landscaping Services

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