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Houston, TX Multi-Family HOA Landscaping

Condominium buildings, townhouse complexes and high-rises attract prospective residents for a variety of reasons, from location to amazing views. Another perk of cooperative living facilities is common areas, which can include green spaces, dog parks, and swimming pools. Ensure residents of your multi-family community enjoy these communal spaces for years to come with high-quality landscaping from New Leaf Landscaping & Services. We serve multi-residence buildings throughout the Houston, TX area and are happy to offer custom solutions for your commercial landscaping for multi-family, HOA or whatever your needs may be.

We are a complete landscape services provider dedicated to creating stunning landscapes that help create relaxing, comfortable environments for your multi-family complex’s residents to experience. With decades of experience working closely with homeowner associations, our team can work with you to build beautiful outdoor spaces or maintain the grounds.

We understand multi-family community residents utilize shared spaces in different ways. That’s why we focus on smart landscaping solutions, such as:

  • Selecting trees and shrubs not prone to dropping leaves, berries or blooms for environments with pools or water features to avoid clogged filters or maintenance nightmares
  • Identifying safety solutions, such as developing well-lit pathways or clearing trip-and-fall hazards


We are a fully insured and certified landscape services company with licenses from the Texas Department of Agriculture for pest control and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for irrigation. The materials and products we use for lawn care and maintenance are selected for their effectiveness and environmental safety.

Improve your multi-family community’s common areas with New Leaf. From townhouses to high-rises, we have you covered.

How we do it

At New Leaf, we offer a range of landscaping and construction services that can improve your residential community and its common spaces. They include:


  • Consultations
  • Landscape design & development
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Landscape lighting
  • Irrigation installation & inspections
  • Tree care
  • Home LED recessed lighting
  • General construction
Multi-Family HOA Landscaping Services

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