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No commercial landscaping job would be complete without the addition of concrete. New Leaf Landscaping is proud to offer commercial hardscaping and concrete services. Hardscaping is perfect for walkways, borders and retaining walls throughout commercial properties. These items add a sense of design and direction to commercial properties and by having one company for landscaping, hardscaping, and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your property will appear uniform and appealing throughout.

In addition to their visual appeal, hardscapes are important for maintaining safety and order in a commercial property. Retaining walls can establish a strong visual presence for your property and for safety purposes, can make sure that visitors know where to go and stay away from restricted areas. Walkways can be one of the most important features of a commercial property for directing visitors and reducing the likelihood of falls.

Hardscapes can be placed strategically to improve overall landscape management. For example, they can cover areas that do not fully grow due to a lack of sunlight. Additionally, they can be one of the easiest ways to control erosion while maintaining a strong visual presence.

Hardscaping in commercial properties, like all parts of a landscape, should be maintained regularly. Luckily, this is a specialty at New Leaf Landscaping. We will be happy to provide regular maintenance to all concrete aspects of a commercial hardscape, ensuring that paths are free of unsightly dirt and overgrown grass. While hardscapes are generally low-maintenance, keeping up their appearance is a necessary part of prolonging their lifespan.