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As any home gardener knows, winter can be a tough time of year for ensuring that plants stay looking beautiful and continue growing into the next season. For commercial property managers, the challenges that winter brings can bring even more difficulty when combined with all the other things that go into running a successful business. Even in a humid, subtropical climate like Houston, preparing for winter is important. All of our lawn care professionals are experienced in dealing with all of the unpredictable weather that Houston winters can bring and have the expertise to make sure that your property is enticing and well maintained into spring.

Plan Ahead in Winter

Winter can be the best time to aerate your soil. This can help ensure that nutrients and water can reach the roots of your grasses and other plants. It will also help soil from compacting too much and becoming damaged after being covered with colder precipitation. Winter is a great time to fertilize. If you fertilize trees in the winter, they will have the chance to build greater resistance to pests and disease into the next season. Continue cutting grass and don’t be afraid to trim it especially short during winter months. This reduces the risk of damage morning frost can cause, especially in high-moisture climates like Houston. It is important to continue pruning trees once leaves are gone. Damaged branches can be unsightly and removing them will allow for the tree to become healthier once spring comes.

Design Around Winter

Winter has its own flowers that bloom in slightly colder weather. Some plants that can be found in Houston during the winter include Snapdragons, Pansies, Calendula and English marigolds which can withstand winters as well as hot summers. Outdoor lighting is also important to consider during the winter. As more people are likely to be outside your commercial property, it can be a good idea to provide warm lighting around walkways and other important areas.