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Winter is known as a time of less-colorful lawns, not as much watering, and an overall lack of interest in lawn care. However, especially in Houston, winter is perhaps the most important time of year for lawn maintenance and preparing for the year to come.

While it is common to let your lawn go during the winter months, there are many things businesses and property owners can do during winter to make sure their lawns are even better when the spring comes. Some of these items are maintenance related such as tree trimming, mulching, and watering.

While the rest of your lawn isn’t looking its best can be the perfect time to trim your trees, making sure they have enough time to grow back before spring and don’t have any dead branches falling off and causing problems.

Mulching is another important way to keep your lawn looking good throughout the winter, making sure what you plant in the spring will have enough nutrients to grow strong and beautiful.

Watering and overseeding is perhaps the most important way to maintain your lawn during the winter. it is important to water (but not over-water) your lawn throughout the winter, watering slowly to avoid runoff and watering in the mornings to avoid the chance of common lawn diseases from starting

New Leaf Landscaping is happy to provide lawn care maintenance for your commercial property throughout the winter months. Reach out to contact us today and see what we can do for you!